Why the B16 Turbo Civics Are Popular Amongst Car Tuners

Why the B16 Turbo Civics Are Popular Amongst Car Tuners

All over, the Honda Civic is being tuned and B16 turbo engines are being rebuilt and raced as one of the best set-ups a “Honda Lover” can have. So why is the B16 engine so desirable amongst car tuners and what makes the V-Tech turbo B16 engine so fast?

Many people think one of the hottest cars Honda ever created was the ’99-’00 Civic Si. Why? It’s slick blue color, fast v-tech engine, reliability, and the clean body design all go into why the car is so desirable. One thing in particular about the car which strikes large interest in car tuners, is the B16 engine sporting Honda’s power boosting V-Tech B16 head.

The V-Tech works once the motor reaches a certain rpm and it electronically helps the engine with managing the fuel system and other parts of the motor. The motor overall gives the ’99-’00 Civic Si around 160 horsepower. The car definitely has tons of power for its size, but what about it being turbo’d? This car can have 500+ horsepower fully tuned with a turbo V-Tech B16 engine and the max horsepower all depends on your budget, part resources, and creativity.

A New Trend in B-Series Tuning

Since most of the B-series motors have interchangeable parts, many people have resorted to buying cars with other B-series motors with intentions to switch out the regular head and replace it with a B16 head. Although there are some custom parts you will have to either purchase or make, it is possible to use the head on every other B-series motor, except the B20A and B21A motors which are not related to the B-series motors and cannot interchange parts.