What Are Solar Bird Baths? Find Out How to Improve Your Lawn With This Attractive Feature

What Are Solar Bird Baths? Find Out How to Improve Your Lawn With This Attractive Feature

Are you looking for something to decorate your lawn?

Then you may consider getting solar birth baths. What are these?

It’s just a fancy way of calling a sun powered decorative water fountain. It is called so because it uses the energy from the sun to allow water to circulate throughout the fountain.

These are very easy to install – no complicated wirings or complicated installation instructions. All you have to consider when setting it up is that it gets enough sunlight.

These water fountains operate using sun powered panels that collect the energy from sunlight. You have to place your fountain where there is an adequate sunshine for most of the day. These fountains don’t work at night and on gloomy or cloudy weather. More expensive types have a device that stores energy for night time lighting so they can still be enjoyed at night.

What are the various types of these decorative fountains?

There are many different styles to choose from and the most common is the traditional bird bath with elaborate water fountain. There are types that come with heaters powered by the sun that are handy during winter. You can choose from ceramic, resin or metal varieties.

What are the benefits of installing solar bird baths?

• These are excellent addition to your landscape design and are also affordable.

• They are a regular source of water for birds.

• There is a soothing effect derived from listening to the sound of running water.

• Running water discourages mosquitoes and other insects from breeding.

• These are very easy to maintain and since the main source of energy is he sun, you don’t have to worry about additional electricity expenses.