I am disgusted when waiters provide like this

Pricey Skip MANNERS: How do you recommend 1 responds when the waitstaff refills one’s water by touching the lip of the pitcher to the glass?

I do not like to proper folks at their work opportunities, particularly individuals who will be dealing with my meals — and even less so, those people who of course now deficiency respectable food hygiene. But I have generally identified this apply disgusting, provided that the pitchers are employed for unique men and women at various tables.

In some cases the spout of the pitcher even dips into the beverage, contaminating the entire pitcher.

Mild READER: Men and women disagree about what constitutes a acceptable stage of precaution as regards cleanliness (Pass up Manners does not offer you an opinion on irrespective of whether they are fair folks), and etiquette can’t give for laboratory-sterile disorders in general public areas.