Home near Middleburg sells for $3.175 million

Dating to 1820 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Holly Hill near Middleburg sold for $3.175 million.

An 1820 stone manor house on 37 acres southwest of Middleburg sold recently for $3.175 million.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Holly Hill has four bedrooms, 4-1/2 bathrooms, carved period molding, exposed beam ceilings and heart pine floors. The 5,500-square-foot house has a ballroom and a rooftop terrace.

The property features a pool, a stable with an apartment and office, a one-bedroom cottage, a grass arena, a cross-country course, a lake and a pond.

The Scott District property went on the market in June 2020 with an asking price of $3.229 million, according to Realtor.com.

Peter Pejacsevich of Middleburg Real Estate represented the seller and Paul MacMahon of Sheridan-MacMahon represented the buyer.

Four other recent Fauquier real estate transactions exceeded $1 million:

• Eight office condos — accounting for about half the space in a 46,000-square-foot building at Vint Hill — sold for $4.3 million.

The units that sold total 24,660 square feet in the Piedmont Condominiums building.

• The office building at 70 Main St. in Warrenton sold for $3.2 million.

Built in 1984, the structure has 28,736 square feet of leasable space.

The five-story brick building last sold for $2.5 million in 2019.

• A home on 50 acres near Delaplane sold for $2.25 million.

Built in 2018, the home has six bedrooms, 4-1/2 bathrooms, a pool, a patio, English gardens, raised bed gardens and a chicken coop.

The Marshall District property went on the market in April with an asking price of $2.6 million, according to Realtor.com.

Peter Pejacsevich of Middleburg Real Estate represented the seller and John Eric of Compass represented the buyer.

• A home on 6.8 acres just north of Warrenton sold for $1.25 million.

Built just off Blantyre Road in 1994, the home has four bedrooms, 3-1/2 bathrooms, a pool, a detached garage and several outbuildings.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers June 16-23, 2021:

Cedar Run District

Eleanor A. Fletcher and Richard C. Embrey to Walter J. and Madeline Hillard, 2 acres, 12330 Old Mill Road, near Midland, $420,000.

Ramon R. Rodriguez to Austin and Hannah Butler, Lot 92, Phase 1, Green Meadows Subdivision, 9700 Logan Jay Drive, near Bealeton, $440,000.

Bryan Weber and Aracely Santos to Winter M. Marchorro, 1 acre, 2533 Courtney School Road, Midland, $285,000.

Rock Investments LLC, Lanny R. Cornwell III as manager, to Michael D. and Megan A.R. Leitch, Lot 28, Section 1, Warrenton Village Subdivision, 6062 Greenpark Lane, near Warrenton, $535,000.

Center District

John C. and Victoria N. Henson to Corey Sellner and Felicia Scott, 0.69 acre, Lot 58, Phase 3, Ivy Hill Subdivision, 7203 Manor House Drive, near Warrenton, $625,000.

Ronald and Natalie Kauffman to Sana and Victor A. Peter, trustees, Lot 15, Section 1, Phase 1-E, Menlough Subdivision, 153 Menlough Drive, Warrenton, $710,000.

Mark and Lorie Lafleur to Andrei and Elena Racila, Lot 41, Phase 2, Millwood Subdivision, 7438 Cedar Run Drive, near Warrenton, $645,000.

Shaun A. Stacks to Jaime H. and Brittney E. Machuca, Lot 118, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7119 Alleghany St., near Warrenton, $380,000.

Samuel B. Tarr Jr. and Donna L. McCampbell to Robert H. Tarr, interest in Lot 47, Section B, Broadview Acres Subdivision, 322 Norfolk Drive, Warrenton, $280,000.

NVR Inc. to Sandra L. Nethery, 0.18 acre, Lot 38, Winchester Chase Subdivision, 224 Norma Dean Drive, Warrenton, $570,500.

Joel G. Cabanban to Christina M. Kerns, Condo 212, Phase 2, Building 635, Warrenton Gardens, 635 Waterloo Road, Warrenton, $181,000.

Rita G. Hawes to Monica M. Constantine and Frank F. Marvin III, Lot K-42, Phase 3, North Rock Subdivision, 226 North View Circle, Warrenton, $449,900.

Mary L. Olinger and others to Donald H. Lail, 0.33 acre, 0.2 acre and 0.0093 acre, 67 Frazier Road, Warrenton, $311,000.

Fox Den 70 Main LLC, Deborah L. Rice as manager, to Alpine Schuiling T Inc., 0.15 acre, 70 Main St., Warrenton, $3,241,875.

Suzanne E. Adam to Marisa L. Coyle and Dillon Cady, Lot 4, Breezewood Subdivision, 243 Windward Court, Warrenton, $477,000.

Nicholas A. Metrokotsas to Garry and Cheryl D. Brown, Lot A, Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 6348 Nordix Drive, near Warrenton, $410,000.

Angela I. and William H. Scott V to Janis C. Cartwright, Lot 41, Section A, Bear Wallow Knolls Subdivision, 431 Ridge Court, Warrenton, $280,000.

Leanna P.Y. and John Debnam III to Jose E.V. Marrero and Moni ca E. Barbosa, 0.26 acre, Lot 22, Chestnut Turn Subdivision, 7333 Hazelwood Court, near Warrenton, $495,000.

Tony and Diane Gaige to Casey J. and Marcus Miller, lot 13, Ridges of Warrenton Subdivision, 226 Cannon Way, Warrenton, $589,000.

Vickie L. Burns to David T. Murphy II and Elizabeth D. Garnett, Lot 63, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7069 Highland Court, near Warrenton, $509,000.

Austin J. Royal to Matthew Pavlo and Stephanie Benner, Lot 16, Mews and Menlough Subdivision, 46 Quarterpole Court, Warrenton, $352,000.

Lee District

Fannie M. Berry to Jonathan T. Thibodeau, 1.3 acres, 7370 Botha Road, near Bealeton, $150,000.

Micah and Jonathan R. Friedrich to Octavio C. Esquivel, Lot 64, Phase 2-B, Bealeton Station Subdivision, 11101 N. Windsor Court, Bealeton, $475,000.

Travis A. and Jordyn V. Simoes, trustees, to Harold W. Boyd IV and Kathelyn M. Sproesser, Lot 7, Phase 1, Southcoate Village Subdivision, 11185 Freedom Court, near Bealeton, $480,000.

Daniel Ridgeway to Aarrianna E. Smith and Brian N. Jeffries, Unit F, Building 3, Cedar Lee Condominiums, 11228 Torrie Way, Bealeton, $166,900.

Kirsten Ledlum to June Cho, Unit 304, Building 3, Phase 3, Waverly Station at Bealeton Condominiums, 6161 Willow Place, Bealeton, $185,000.

Nathan O. and Kathryn Miller to James C. Coyle and Jamie R. Mc Mickle, 2 acres, Lot 2, Baumgardner Division, 8174 Buena Vista Drive, near Warrenton, $550,000.

Marshall District

Atlantic Union Bank to OCS LLC, 15,000 square feet 8331 W. Main St., Marshall, $725,000.

Caroline Collomb to Michael O. and Naomi T. Silver, 11.32 acres and 0.06 acre, Brixton Lane and Old Waterloo Road, near Warrenton, $180,000.

Easton Porter Group, Dean and Lynn Andrews as managers, to Scott W. and Belinda L. Keller, 7.5 acres, 10157 John S. Mosby Highway, 2 miles west of Upperville, $760,000.

Lien T. and Earl F. Carter Jr. to Kimberly A. and Stephan A. Chadwick, 1.5 acres, Lot 44, Phase 2, Waterloo North Subdivision, 7884 Wellington Drive, near Warrenton, $998,000.

Thomas V. and Karla C. Payne to Charlet Wang and Steven Seelig, 10.7 acres, 10467 Vernon Mills Trail, near Marshall, $630,000.

William A. and Verna O.F. Stern to Pamela Dreyfuss and Larry S. Silver, 6.8 acres, Lot 2, Chattins Run South Subdivision, 3194 Corner Road, Delaplane, $1,250,000.

Christopher Inman to Patrick Rice, 0.31 acre, Lot 3, Allie Fletcher Subdivision, 7401 Filly Lane, near Warrenton, $360,000.

Catherine N. and William S. Dolly Jr. to Paul N. Taylor and Anne Kroeger, 3 acres, 3755 Sage Road, Delaplane, $410,000.

Scott District

Carl Zaslow to Bridgett Freehan and David T. Cockrell, 50. 1 acres, Lot 78, Phase 10-B, Brookside Subdivision, 6838 Lake Anne Court, near Warrenton, $692,000.

Cheree L. Nichole to Jeffrey I. and Bethany L. Kessler, 17.3 acres, 14.7 acres and 5.2 acres, 6434 Old Goose Creek Road, west of Middleburg, $3,175,000.

Lynn A. Pirozzoli to Donald M. Ralph Jr. and Julia Stathis, Lot 10, Phase 1-B, Jamison’s Farm Subdivision, 6908 Mill Valley Drive, near Warrenton, $859,999.

Laura Barrera and John S. Maurice to David J. and Cara R. Glassett, 1.07 acre, 5391 Farrington Lane, Broad Run, $525,000.

Marcus K.J. and Tara M. Brugger to Girma W. Tadesse, Lot 32, Land Bay H, Vint Hill Subdivision, 7133 Hills Lane, near New Baltimore, $750,000.

David C. and Kathleen M. Jones to Derek and Sara C. Moore, Lot 20, Phase 2, Brookside Subdivision, 6928 Tanglewood Drive, near Warrenton, $815,000.

Denise E. and Lee L. Procter to Faith and Robert M. Tarr, 5.6 acres, Lot 4, Morgan Division, 3669 Bull Run Mountain Road, near The Plains, $740,000.

Marc J. and Megan M. Eisenstein to Scott J. Semelbauer, Lot 8, Phase 12-B, Brookside Subdivision, $695,000.

Terry L. Canard to David J. and Barbara J. Hedberg, Lot 24, Section 2, South Hill Estates Subdivision, 7002 Settlers Ridge Road, near Warrenton, $400,000.

Gabriel M. and Tamara J. Wilson to Matthew R. and Laura Allen, Lot 22, Phase 1, Emerald Oaks Subdivision, 7115 Auburn Mill Road, near Warrenton, $715,000.

PP&L LLC, Gary R. Newell Sr. as member, to STN Enterprises LLC, Units G, H, I, J, K, L, M and N, Piedmont Condominiums, 6799 Kennedy Road, Vint Hill, $4,300,000.

Kenneth D. and Susan L. Mitchell to Derek W. Kelley, 1.9 acres, Lot 6, New Baltimore Knolls Subdivision, 6451 Emily Anne Court, near Warrenton, $710,000.

Charles Niland and Melissa Merrigan to Aaron P. and Kathryn E. Jones, Lot 5, Land Bay F, Section 1, Vint Hill Subdivision, 6754 Eckert Court, near New Baltimore, $724,999.

Raymond and Sharon L. Hensley to Kimberly and John R. Keller II, 6.8 acres, Lot 1, Hensley Division, 6910 Blantyre Road, near Warrenton, $1,250,000.

Sandra Vernon and Christine Farmer to Garrett C. and Samantha Hundley, Lot 14, Section 2, South Hill Estates, 7040 Panorama Court, near Warrenton, $460,000.

Deborah L. Fleming to Jeffrey A. and Carol C. Harris, 2.7 aces, 5405 Baldwin St., near Warrenton, $625,000.

Matthew L. Daye and Virginia Carroll to Maria Vasilakos and Holly A. and Alexander R. Vasilakos, Lot 27, Phase 1-B, Jamison’s Farm Subdivision, 5570 Cattail Court, near Warrenton, $699,900.

Alexander J. and Nicole A. Hill to Samantha and Franco Traverso, 0.69 acre, Lot 11-A, Block C, Rock Springs Estates Subdivision, 5071 Rock Springs Road, near Warrenton $338,400.

Randall W. and Debra L. Teune to Jay E. Teets and Donna Ruland, 10.4 acres, Lot 12, English Chase Subdivision, 8984 Woodward Road, Marshall, $784,001.

Karen D. Goula and others to Richard and Jeal LaFrance, Unit 39, Suffield Meadows Condominiums, 6690 Stream View Lane, near Warrenton, $530,000.