‘Headless alien Bigfoot’ decapitated by cheating bloke after car crash leaves town baffled

A lot can go wrong when you’re having an affair – but you might not expect adulterous shenanigans to lead to a run-in with Bigfoot.

That’s exactly what happened to one cheating bloke, who apparently crashed into a huge ape-like beast after a late night tryst.

So goes the legend of the Creature of Sugar Flat Road, a Tennessee ghost story with a decapitated ‘alien’ creature at its core.

The monster’s head is said to have been chopped off by a man who hit it with his car one dark night in January 1989 – and to this day no one can definitively answer what it is – or if it is from another planet.

The unexplainable 40-year-old relic is one of the main reasons people visit the tiny town of Lebanon, where it was displayed in the window of Cuz’s Antique Center in the main square.

A halo of greasy white fur lines the mysterious creature’s face, with thick furry eyebrows resting heavily over piercing blue eyes.

Its mottled navy skin looks almost snakelike as it stretches taut between the Yeti-like creature’s high cheekbones, suddenly giving way to a lip-less red mouth.

The teeth definitely look like those of a human – its gnashers wouldn’t look out of place on a Love Islander after they’d spent 48 hours at a Turkish dentist.

Is the Bigfoot head is alien in origin? Tell us in the comments below!

The head is displayed in a glass case with a card questioning if the head is that of an alien
The head is displayed in a glass case with a card questioning if the head is that of an alien

What’s certain is that the creature has an unnerving aura about it – and the story about its origins are just as creepy.

In a leaflet once given to tourists who had travelled from far and wide to see the creature up close, it explains how a couple’s illicit night of passion saw them cross paths with this aberration of nature.

It tells how the anonymous lovebirds – both cheating on their spouses – lost track of time as they hooked up on a dark lane, and hit the creature as they were speeding away to get home before their spouses noticed them missing.

The driver suspected that he might have knocked down a deer or a small bear, but when he got out of the truck had a nasty surprise – and even though the sky was lit up by a full moon, he had to use a torch to double check what he was seeing.

The creature's head was on display at Cruz's Antiques Center in Lebananon, Tennessee
The creature’s head was on display at Cruz’s Antiques Center in Lebananon, Tennessee

The tale says: “Whatever he had run over looked for all practical purposes like a medium-sized man with one exception. It was covered with what looked to be hair or fur. It was also definitely dead.”

Eager to get his panicking lady friend home, he dragged the body to the side of the road, dropped her off and returned home.

But, the story continues, he was unable to sleep, and after drinking nearly a whole bottle of whiskey decided to return to the scene.

“It wasn’t a man. Of that he was sure, but what was it?

“Since this creature wasn’t a man it was obviously an animal, and he should have a trophy…

“When the hole had been dug he deftly severed the creature’s head with the point of his shovel, scooped it up and threw it into the bed of the pickup.

The head was reportedly chopped off with a shovel and the body buried under some leaves - never to be seen again
The head was reportedly chopped off with a shovel and the body buried under some leaves – never to be seen again

“He kicked the thing’s body in to the hole, covered it with dirt and drove in to town to a taxidermist’s shop.

“The taxidermist shook his head in disbelief when he saw the creature’s head, but despite never seeing anything like it before he agreed to preserve it.”

The leaflet continues that he proudly had the mysterious head on show on his mantelpiece for a few years – but his wife gave an ultimatum, “It’s me or the Bigfoot!”

Despite his philandering past, the man chose his wife and passed on the head to folks at the Cruz Antiques Center, where it spent many years eyeballing those who had come to see it.

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The Creature of Sugar Flat Road is a local talking point, with many blogs and Facebook posts animatedly discussing its origins.

Some locals claim there have been recent sightings of the monster right where it had been killed, and that chickens, ducks and turkeys often go missing without explanation.

Another theory is that this secondary creature is the slain monster’s mate, who, it is claimed, can be heard screeching in the woods around that deserted back road desperately looking for her lost love.