Are All Hybrid Cars the Same?

Are All Hybrid Cars the Same?

Here is a compilation of the more popular hybrid cars available in the market. A who’s who in hybrids, listed here are some of the key features of the notable ones when it comes to hybrid technology.

Toyota is recognized by many to be leading the innovations and setting the trends for hybrid technology in automobiles. So let us take a look first at Toyota hybrid cars.

Toyota’s Versions

The Toyota Camry 2008 hybrid has all the safety and fuel efficiency that this model is known for. At 34 miles to the gallon along the highways, the Camry Hybrid delivers the fuel efficiency and low emission levels expected of hybrids.

The Prius, on the other hand, is considered by many hybrid lovers as the lowest-priced hybrid compact there is. Introduced to America around ten years ago, the Prius Hybrid has been resilient in staying on the popularity charts as far as hybrids are concerned. With the highest fuel efficiency ratings and most reasonable prices, the Prius Hybrid takes the credit.

In addition to these sedans, Toyota includes in its lineup the 2008 Highlander Hybrid and Hybrid Limited, a great SUV hybrid; then there are the hybrid minivans, the Estima, Sienna, and Previa hybrids.

Honda’s Entries

The Civic Hybrid 2007 model has a VTEC engine, supported by an electric motor that delivers the power without the attendant fuel consumption. It has the standard Honda exterior design and instrumentation.

The Accord Hybrid is the more luxurious stablemate of the Civic. Its VTEC and CVT features deliver one of power and torque, and it has achieved notable EPA ratings for fuel efficiency and gas emissions.

The original Honda hybrid, the Honda Insight, is another highly efficient Honda gas-electric combo hybrid vehicle. It maintains Honda’s looks and innovations.

Honda’s line up includes an SUV, in this case the Honda Pilot. It has been noted to have really low emissions and efficient injection. It incorporates the VCM system (which stands for Variable Cylinder Management), a system that increases mileage conversely proportional with fuel consumption.

A Hybrid SUV and Hybrid Sedan from Saturn

Saturn has two editions from its hybrid stable: the VUE Green Line Hybrid SUV and the Aura Green Line Hybrid sedan. The SUV is guaranteed to deliver better mileage, purportedly 20% more, compared to its other conventional VUE counterparts. The Aura Hybrid, on the other hand, has one of the lowest prices for hybrid sedans in the market and acceptable EPA ratings of 28 miles per gallon for city driving and 35 miles to the gallon on the highway.

Volkswagen, Too?

Yes, Volkswagen Hybrids are also available. And why not? Volkswagen is also one committed, environmentally responsible company. This German carmaker is working on the Jetta Hybrid with its small engine that delivers great power with the assistance of a twin charger that will ensure high fuel-efficiency and low emission.

The Touran HyMotion from Volkswagen is experimenting along the hydrogen fuel cell lines. These fuel cells ensure economy and efficiency as no fossil fuels are used to drive the HyMotion. Zero emission is achieved, as water is the only by-product waste in the process of harnessing hydrogen and oxygen to generate the power. Volkswagen is also reportedly working on a hybrid version of the popular Golf series, again featuring lesser fuel consumption levels.

And last but not the least, a hybrid convertible?

Yes there is one: the Saab Hybrid convertible, incorporating the Saab Bio-Power concept for fuel savings and better renewable energy harnessing.

With all these hybrid cars in the market, the choice is yours.