1330 on the River, Compass Lounge Opens in Flat Old East End Space This Summer

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  • 1330 on the River will open in Flats’ former East End Space this summer.

Last year, chef Zaman Khan took over Flats’ former East End property and reopened the restaurant as 1330 on the River in late 2020. A week later, a fire closed the restaurant’s door.

“It was a great week,” says Kahn. “We were busy as a whole. To be honest, as a chef and restaurant owner, it was one of the best, easiest and happiest weeks of my life.”

Instead of being gloomy, Kahn and his partner made a fresh start by using downtime to redesign the interior and rebuild the riverside patio. It takes place from mid-August to late August. When the work is complete, the building will contain two separate but complementary concepts. The restaurant on the main floor and the “Speakeasy-type lounge on the lower floor, with light meals, cocktails and cigars”. Both enjoy views of the Kaiyahoga River.

“It will get sick,” he says. “It’s a double-decker patio with a garage door downstairs and a pergola upstairs. There’s room to dock four boats on the new patio.”

Called Zeek, Khan opened his first restaurant, Zeeks on Sixth, in Austin. He takes pride not only in the food he prepares, but also in the atmosphere he prepares and provides to his guests.

“I like liveliness,” he says. “I’m from the city of music, so I want to provide an electrical atmosphere with music and neon-like atmosphere throughout the restaurant at night, but during the day it’s a calmer, rustic and homely atmosphere. The mood and atmosphere we offer changes day and night. ”

Kahn says he was attracted to the project because of the location that fits his overall concept, “Southern hospitality serving West Coast cuisine.”

“First of all I had a great view of the waterfront. Being right next to the park allowed me to put everything together for the type of food I cook,” he explains. .. “We are a scratch kitchen. We do not use any frozen meat.”

1330 on the River (1330 Old River Rd.) Offers dinner and weekend brunch. Those who managed to dine there during that glorious week of October last year will be familiar with the menu. At the time, the hottest items were meat and cheese boards, ruben sliders, bacon-wrapped figs, seasonal salads, barbecue burgers with onion rings, grilled salmon with jasmine rice, and lamb with asparagus. There are grilled chops and so on.

Guests heading to the cocktail bar pass through a pair of large wooden doors in front of the building to the elevator. There, the operator drops them downstairs. Meals can also go downstairs from inside the restaurant.

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