Tips for maintaining your motorcycle

Tips for maintaining your motorcycle

Every motorcyclist wants to keep their motorcycle in the best condition. For the motorcycle to stay in the best condition we have to make sure to check if everything is in order once in a while. It is important that motorcycles are well maintained. Yet not every motorcyclist knows exactly what points of attention are most important. That’s why we’ll tell you more about them in this blog! So go ahead and read further if you want to know more about good maintenance for your motorcycle.

The basics: Good motorcycle parts

Before we start with the real points of attention of the motorcycle, we want to give you a very important tip. It is extremely important that when a part needs to be replaced, good parts are used. It is better to spend a little more money for good parts than to go for a cheap alternatives of poor quality. That’s why we always recommend to go for OEM motorcycle parts. These parts are exactly the parts that are originally used in the making of your motorcycle and are therefore extremely suitable for it. You know with OEM motorcycle parts that you get good quality and that the parts will last a long time.

Maintain your own motorcycle

Next, we will tell you the points of attention when you are going to maintain your motorcycle yourself. First of all, you should check the tires before every ride. So check if the tires are still good and inflate them if necessary. Then it is smart to occasionally relubricate the chain. First clean the chain and then spray it with chain spray. Furthermore, it is important to change the oil once in a while. The oil of a motorcycle needs to be changed more often than the oil of a car. When changing the oil, remember to change the filter too. Make sure you also check everything related to the brakes. So check if the level of the brake fluid is still up to standard. Check if the thickness of the brake pads is still good. If there is too little material on the pads, you can cause damage to your discs and you want to avoid that! Finally, check the lights. Make sure all the lights on the bike are working and don’t forget the blinkers! You may want to check the fuses and wiring while you’re at it, as they can sometimes be broken without you noticing it.

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