Three Tips for Choosing a Used Golf Cart

Three Tips for Choosing a Used Golf Cart

Investing in a used golf cart can save golfers half the price of a new one. These are versatile vehicles allowing you to drive in places along the links, where large cars cannot maneuver. A full-service course offers a range of stay and play golf packages, which includes nine or 18 holes of golf, resort and dining facilities, advance tee times and golf carts. Golf is an expensive sport. Therefore, players often prefer to buy used models to keep the package cost down. This way you can expect more budget-friendly deals if you already have the golf accessories with you. However, you should exercise caution when choosing used carts.

Here are three tips to help you choose a used golf cart:

1. Inspect the Body and Individual Components

Start by examining the body of the vehicle, both from aesthetics and structural perspectives. The cart body must not have any visible signs of damage. Anything with scratches, dents or faded paint should not be purchased. Minor flaws can be overlooked provided they don’t compromise with the overall look of the vehicle.

You should also check individual components such as the tyres to ensure that they are functioning well. Choose tyres with no visible punctures or signs of damage. You should also test the pressure. It will help you ascertain whether the tyres hold air or not and the pressure go with the recommendation. Worn out tyres should be replaced immediately. The cost of replacement is not much. It’s just about 90 dollars.

The canopy of a golf cart is equally important. While inspecting, grip and shake the canopy gently to ensure it is stable.

Battery is another component which you must not forget. Batteries are marked with a code. The code consists of an alphabet and a number, indicating the month and year the battery was manufactured. If you see the letter A, it means January, B stands for February, and so on. Similarly, by looking at the numbers printed on the battery, you will know about the year of manufacture. Batteries generally last for six years. The newer the battery, the longer will it last. Choose accordingly.

2. Opt for Reconditioned Models

You must know the difference between ‘as is’ and reconditioned vehicles. Refurbished models go through proper inspection and come with new seats, mechanical parts and even a new coat of paint. You can be assured of the quality of reconditioned vehicles as many dealers offer a 60 or 90-day warranty. As is models, on the contrary, have no warranty or new additions.

3. Take the Cart for a Test Drive

Test driving is the best way to determine the performance of the vehicle. You should take it for a test drive for at least 15-20 minutes. It will help you understand how comfortable the seats are. The driver should feel at ease when maneuvering along the length and breadth of the golf course. Test how quickly the vehicle picks up the pace on inclines and on flat ground. Remember to examine the brakes and ensure they are responding well when you are making an abrupt or hard stop.

If you are looking for affordable stay and play golf packages without expensive accessories, invest in a used golf cart. Ask your seller as many questions as you like to get nothing but the best.