The Van Der Wheil Method

The Van Der Wheil Method

6 Step Van Der Wheil – VDW Method In A Nutshell

Che Van Der Wheil devised this method to narrow down the field of horses in a horse race. The Van Der Wheil – VDW method uses key metrics as follows, class, consistency (the last 3 finishing positions of the horse in question), ability and speed figures to asses a horse’s chance of winning. He stated that the horse must be in the first 6 of the betting forecast and that the horse’s weight was a key factor in the horse’s chance as weight is a leveler.

The key to the Van Der Wheil Method was the class of race (Penalty Value) that the horse had competed in. He used the analogy of a premiership football team winning all their games in the conference league. The form of the team is good but what is form if achieved in lower class football matches.

Below are 6 simple Steps on how to read a horse racing form using the Van Der Wheil Ratings – The 6 Step VDW Method.

The key to the VDW method is to choose the class/form horses in the race based on the following criteria and place these horses in groups B+ G+ C+ S+ and A+.

Step 1. Find top 3 OR – Official Rated Horses into Group B+
Step 2. Total the prize money from the last 3 races a horse competed in to produce Group G+
Step 3. Pick consistent horses by adding up the last 3 race positions a horse has achieved produces Group C+
Step 4. Identify top 3 horses with Top Speed figures ( TS ) produces Group S+ using the Racing Post.
Step 5. Identify horses that can win in terms of ability equated to by prize money divided by the number of races won. Group A+

We then look for a horse(s) that appear in all groups B+ G+ C+ S+ and A+.

In step 6 we do a final check on the selections i.e. check the horse selections are in the top 6 of the betting forecast as 80% of horses win races that are in the top 6.

After each step is completed a list of horses will be highlighted from that step. The final step is to find a horse or horses that have been flagged in all steps 1 to 6.

For a horse to qualify it must have been highlighted in all of the 6 steps above.

A Computer Program can easily be written that automates the Van Der Wheil method – VDW and highlights horse selections for a given race in the UK.