The Importance of Test Driving a Car

The Importance of Test Driving a Car

It is surprising how many people decide ‘not’ to test drive a new car before they buy it. It is often that potential buyers are simply looking at the aesthetics and kicking the tyres instead of actually understanding the engines history and the repairs already completed previously.

The test drive is one of the most important parts of the decision making process and a car should never be bought without one but often it is unclear as to what you should look for. Here a few tips to help you make that all important decision:

Visit the dealership when it is quietest during the week. Weekends can get very busy, and it is often difficult to secure a test drive without being rushed. The roads would also be busier at weekends so at least when it is quieter you will get a good feel of the cars driving capabilities.

If you have decided to test drive a few models then try and book appointments close together so that they can be compared easily.

Whilst test driving the car think about the style, whether the ride is comfortable, sporty enough or has enough exciting features for you to play with. Have a go at parking and other manoeuvres to see how well the car handles.

Ensure that you request an extended test drive of the car before you decide on actually buying. Assess how easily you can get in and out of the car, whether the steering wheel and driving seat can be adjusted easily enough and even if there is enough storage for all your use-age requirements.

After a quick check of the boot, and also an assessment of your driveway space, research fuel costs, tax and Insurance brackets, as well as any other aftersales that may be needed, especially if the vehicle is from a used car dealership.

So, the next time you look into buying a used ford in London or a used Vauxhall Birmingham, no matter how good a deal the car is, make sure you test drive it first.