Solar Power Pros and Cons

Solar Power Pros and Cons

A solar power house is a big consideration for people today with the rising cost of energy and fossil fuels. When examining this idea you want to really know the pros and the cons of such a decision. Included below is the big picture of the major pros and cons before you move forward in your decision to look at solar energy.

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s review the cons of going solar. Although these may not be deal breakers they are considerations none the less and need to be looked at for each individual’s circumstances.

INVESTMENT – No matter which way you shake it you will need to make an initial investment to get started in generating you own electricity. That investment can be as low as $5000 for a basic pre-made solar package, but it is an investment none the less. This outlay of money will be recuperated but not until later in the game.

SET UP – There will be some physical considerations for you to look at in regards to your solar set up. You will need a home for the batteries and equipment the monitors and regulates the conversion process. You will also need a really large space to install the panels, and this space may be upwards of 1000 sq feet.

RISK – The risk of solar is mainly is you self install. You may invalidate your insurance if you do so. In this case it is essential to use someone licensed to do the installation so that there are no negative consequences to your actions.

After all these negatives lets take a look at the good things about solar power as it does have some redeeming qualities for sure.

MONEY – Yes I know it was on the con list too, but it really goes on both. In the long run you will save money for as long as you use power guaranteed. The upfront cost of solar power for homes is high, but the long-term savings go and go and go. You will use power forever will you not? If your system is set up to do so you may also be able to put power back into the system and get paid to do so on top of it!

ENVIRONMENT – You can likely guess this is a really strong positive. The environment really benefits from these changes since solar produces no emissions it doesn’t contribute to global warming. The sun is also a very powerful resource as it is infinitely renewable and harnessing its power means we will never run out. The panels last about 25 years and the batteries about 10-11 years and can be recycled after their use.

INDEPENDENCE – For some this may go unnoticed, but for others this is really key. Knowing that you have the power to make your own power as you need it, no one can charge you for it, limit it, stop it, is a really empowering idea. We are used to being on our knees in front of big business. It is nice to sometimes be in control.

Although there are good and bad angles with solar it is apparent that it is the right decision for some and not for others. As you start to examine the facts and how they relate to your life you will know if solar is right for you or not.