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Q: I purchased a 2020 Kia Sportage and have noticed that when I park the

Q: I purchased a 2020 Kia Sportage and have noticed that when I park the car or truck for a brief of time, the exterior air temp gauge reads really significant. When I begin driving the motor vehicle once more, the temp looking at commences heading down to what I come to feel is the right exterior temp. From a chilly start, the gauge appears to be to work Okay. My neighborhood vendor indicated that all motor vehicles do this. I disagreed with them in that my Mazda3 and my prior Saturn Vue did not. Is this a challenge with the sensor or do all Kia Sportages do this?

S.Y., Coon Rapids, Minnesota

A: The ambient temperature sensor on your vehicle is positioned near the radiator and air conditioning condenser. For the duration of scorching soak (ahead of the auto cools down following driving), the sensor feels the warmth emanating from this incredibly hot natural environment. As you drive, the temperature reads appropriately, but keep in mind that the process is purposedly intended to demonstrate the improvements gradually. The sensor is fantastic.

Q: I like the Honda HRV, but my son claims I am a fool to get a automobile with a CVT as transmission. Also, I’ve go through that the issues are that the auto is underpowered for freeway driving. The motor vehicle receives fantastic remarks and accolades for each and every other class, it just has a weak motor and the CVT transmission bugaboo. What do you imagine?

W.O., Skokie, Illinois

A: The time period “underpowered” relies upon on who you talk to. In contrast to the Civic Variety-R rated at 306 HP, the HR-V is underpowered. With regular, program servicing the continuously variable transmission (CVT) should really very last the existence of the automobile. Honda experienced some challenges in the earlier but has redesigned the transmission.

Q: My mom has a 2005 Chrysler 300 touring and these days it has been acquiring trapped in park. Right after a when while, she is ready to get out of park. This comes about randomly. The mechanic has appeared at it a pair times and changed a sensor on it, but it’s continue to going on and they just can’t figure out what it is. They just can’t even mimic the issue every time it’s with them.

S.G., Addison, Illinois

A: There are two issues that could not let shifting out of park. 1 is a broken spring in the shifter assembly, but when that happens, it is for retains, not intermittent. The next, much more common dilemma is a poor solenoid in the shifter assembly. If that is the scenario, you can eliminate the tray up coming to the shifter revealing a pink button. Pressing it lets the shifter to be moved.

Q: I have a 2009 Ford Mercury Mountaineer with 83,000 miles on it, and it has served me pretty perfectly for what I need to have. But I have had a awful squeaking problem on the back wheels when I again out of garage. The rear brakes ended up changed 12 months back. The dealership, when I complained a number of months back, claims it is rust from absence of use, but I use it just about every day for nearby searching. The entrance wheels do not squeak and are first brakes. Assistance, it sounds horrible. Do the rear wheels need grease?

N.B., New Smyrna Seaside, Florida

A: Ack. Grease on the brakes is a huge no-no. Most individuals would surmise that grease would cause the brakes to slip. The reality is just the opposite oil or grease can make them grab. Getting mentioned that, there is specific anti-squeal grease that is applied to the backing plate of the brake pads, concerning the pads and caliper pistons, that is made to quiet the squeal. Each individual vehicle pieces store carries it.