Jeep Wranglers for Sale: The Pros, the Cons, and Everything in Between

Jeep Wranglers for Sale: The Pros, the Cons, and Everything in Between

There’s lots of Jeep Wranglers for sale today, and for good reason: it is a popular choice among new car owners and long-time car enthusiasts alike. This car ranks among the most affordable SUVs in the country today. With its powerful 3.6L V-6 engine housed in a classic and ruggedly designed body, the Wrangler can easily muscle its way through the roughest terrains – in style. However, many SUV owners consider this car as an acquired taste, so let me tell you why.

Extra Power vs. Fuel Consumption

Jeep Wrangler engineers designed the vehicle with one primary thing in mind: unpaved roads. This is why they decided to give it a robust design, enabling the car to survive and conquer the toughest of driving surfaces. Whether you’re driving in the city on the way to work or braving your way through the Mojave desert, the car’s engine and overall design will give you all the power and traction that you need. You’ll never have to worry about the tires getting stuck in some muddy puddle or the car being unable to climb steep slopes.

However, the engine’s extra power usually translates into rather mediocre fuel economy. Specifically, Jeep Wrangler MPG (miles per gallon) is approximately 17 on city streets, slightly lower than the 2006 national average of 17.1 MPG (for all types of vehicles, including light trucks). But then, future owners can heave a little sigh of relief when they realize that similar SUVs from other auto makers gobble up fuel at a mind-numbingly faster rate.

Aesthetics versus Functionality

Many consumers consider Jeeps as the quintessential All-American muscle SUV, having been present in US streets since time immemorial. The Jeep can easily leave passers-by gasping in awe: its masculine appearance and its engine’s primal roar never fails to send a message that this is the car is not something to be messed around with. Basically, you can get one of those Jeep wranglers for sale, park it on your front yard, and your neighbors will see your car and readily admit that “THAT. IS. A. CAR.”

However, a no-frills, masculine, and curvy design also implies the absence of comfort-enhancing features commonly found in city cars. For example, many users note the Wranglers stiff suspension systems provide a rather bouncy ride – even on smooth, asphalt-laden roads. Moreover, its unexceptional aerodynamics usually creates a buzzing sound when the car is cruising at high speeds.

But remember: the Wrangler was made to let you get there, wherever “there” may be. That is why the issue of ride quality and top cruise speed is another story. On the flip side, a macho car with a delightful price tag is a rare sight.

The Jeep Wrangler: Above-average Features for a Below-Average Budget

Jeep Wranglers for sale have all the basic features of SUVs and a little bit more. While there are many other SUV models out there that can steal the limelight from the Wrangler’s spec sheets, none of them comes close to this Jeep’s lovely price range. Featuring a delicate balance between power and efficiency, along with an awe-inspiring, don’t-mess-with-me persona, this jeep promises the best bang for the buck.