Home near Middleburg sells for $3.175 million

Dating to 1820 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Holly Hill near

Dating to 1820 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Holly Hill near Middleburg sold for $3.175 million.

An 1820 stone manor house on 37 acres southwest of Middleburg sold recently for $3.175 million.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Holly Hill has four bedrooms, 4-1/2 bathrooms, carved period molding, exposed beam ceilings and heart pine floors. The 5,500-square-foot house has a ballroom and a rooftop terrace.

The property features a pool, a stable with an apartment and office, a one-bedroom cottage, a grass arena, a cross-country course, a lake and a pond.

The Scott District property went on the market in June 2020 with an asking price of $3.229 million, according to Realtor.com.

Peter Pejacsevich of Middleburg Real Estate represented the seller and Paul MacMahon of Sheridan-MacMahon represented the buyer.

Four other recent Fauquier real estate transactions exceeded $1 million:

• Eight office condos — accounting for about half the space in a 46,000-square-foot building at Vint Hill — sold for $4.3 million.

The units that sold total 24,660 square feet in the Piedmont Condominiums building.

• The office building at 70 Main St. in Warrenton sold for $3.2 million.

Built in 1984, the structure has 28,736 square feet of leasable space.

The five-story brick building last sold for $2.5 million in 2019.

• A home on 50 acres near Delaplane sold for $2.25 million.

Built in 2018, the home has six bedrooms, 4-1/2 bathrooms, a pool, a patio, English gardens, raised bed gardens and a chicken coop.

The Marshall District property went on the market in April with an asking price of $2.6 million, according to Realtor.com.

Peter Pejacsevich of Middleburg Real Estate represented the seller and John Eric of Compass represented the buyer.

• A home on 6.8 acres just north of Warrenton sold for $1.25 million.

Built just off Blantyre Road in 1994, the home has four bedrooms, 3-1/2 bathrooms, a pool, a detached garage and several outbuildings.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers June 16-23, 2021:

Cedar Run District

Eleanor A. Fletcher and Richard C. Embrey to Walter J. and Madeline Hillard, 2 acres, 12330 Old Mill Road, near Midland, $420,000.

Ramon R. Rodriguez to Austin and Hannah Butler, Lot 92, Phase 1, Green Meadows Subdivision, 9700 Logan Jay Drive, near Bealeton, $440,000.

Bryan Weber and Aracely Santos to Winter M. Marchorro, 1 acre, 2533 Courtney School Road, Midland, $285,000.

Rock Investments LLC, Lanny R. Cornwell III as manager, to Michael D. and Megan A.R. Leitch, Lot 28, Section 1, Warrenton Village Subdivision, 6062 Greenpark Lane, near Warrenton, $535,000.

Center District

John C. and Victoria N. Henson to Corey Sellner and Felicia Scott, 0.69 acre, Lot 58, Phase 3, Ivy Hill Subdivision, 7203 Manor House Drive, near Warrenton, $625,000.

Ronald and Natalie Kauffman to Sana and Victor A. Peter, trustees, Lot 15, Section 1, Phase 1-E, Menlough Subdivision, 153 Menlough Drive, Warrenton, $710,000.

Mark and Lorie Lafleur to Andrei and Elena Racila, Lot 41, Phase 2, Millwood Subdivision, 7438 Cedar Run Drive, near Warrenton, $645,000.

Shaun A. Stacks to Jaime H. and Brittney E. Machuca, Lot 118, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7119 Alleghany St., near Warrenton, $380,000.

Samuel B. Tarr Jr. and Donna L. McCampbell to Robert H. Tarr, interest in Lot 47, Section B, Broadview Acres Subdivision, 322 Norfolk Drive, Warrenton, $280,000.

NVR Inc. to Sandra L. Nethery, 0.18 acre, Lot 38, Winchester Chase Subdivision, 224 Norma Dean Drive, Warrenton, $570,500.

Joel G. Cabanban to Christina M. Kerns, Condo 212, Phase 2, Building 635, Warrenton Gardens, 635 Waterloo Road, Warrenton, $181,000.

Rita G. Hawes to Monica M. Constantine and Frank F. Marvin III, Lot K-42, Phase 3, North Rock Subdivision, 226 North View Circle, Warrenton, $449,900.

Mary L. Olinger and others to Donald H. Lail, 0.33 acre, 0.2 acre and 0.0093 acre, 67 Frazier Road, Warrenton, $311,000.

Fox Den 70 Main LLC, Deborah L. Rice as manager, to Alpine Schuiling T Inc., 0.15 acre, 70 Main St., Warrenton, $3,241,875.

Suzanne E. Adam to Marisa L. Coyle and Dillon Cady, Lot 4, Breezewood Subdivision, 243 Windward Court, Warrenton, $477,000.

Nicholas A. Metrokotsas to Garry and Cheryl D. Brown, Lot A, Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 6348 Nordix Drive, near Warrenton, $410,000.

Angela I. and William H. Scott V to Janis C. Cartwright, Lot 41, Section A, Bear Wallow Knolls Subdivision, 431 Ridge Court, Warrenton, $280,000.

Leanna P.Y. and John Debnam III to Jose E.V. Marrero and Moni ca E. Barbosa, 0.26 acre, Lot 22, Chestnut Turn Subdivision, 7333 Hazelwood Court, near Warrenton, $495,000.

Tony and Diane Gaige to Casey J. and Marcus Miller, lot 13, Ridges of Warrenton Subdivision, 226 Cannon Way, Warrenton, $589,000.

Vickie L. Burns to David T. Murphy II and Elizabeth D. Garnett, Lot 63, Addition to Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 7069 Highland Court, near Warrenton, $509,000.

Austin J. Royal to Matthew Pavlo and Stephanie Benner, Lot 16, Mews and Menlough Subdivision, 46 Quarterpole Court, Warrenton, $352,000.

Lee District

Fannie M. Berry to Jonathan T. Thibodeau, 1.3 acres, 7370 Botha Road, near Bealeton, $150,000.

Micah and Jonathan R. Friedrich to Octavio C. Esquivel, Lot 64, Phase 2-B, Bealeton Station Subdivision, 11101 N. Windsor Court, Bealeton, $475,000.

Travis A. and Jordyn V. Simoes, trustees, to Harold W. Boyd IV and Kathelyn M. Sproesser, Lot 7, Phase 1, Southcoate Village Subdivision, 11185 Freedom Court, near Bealeton, $480,000.

Daniel Ridgeway to Aarrianna E. Smith and Brian N. Jeffries, Unit F, Building 3, Cedar Lee Condominiums, 11228 Torrie Way, Bealeton, $166,900.

Kirsten Ledlum to June Cho, Unit 304, Building 3, Phase 3, Waverly Station at Bealeton Condominiums, 6161 Willow Place, Bealeton, $185,000.

Nathan O. and Kathryn Miller to James C. Coyle and Jamie R. Mc Mickle, 2 acres, Lot 2, Baumgardner Division, 8174 Buena Vista Drive, near Warrenton, $550,000.

Marshall District

Atlantic Union Bank to OCS LLC, 15,000 square feet 8331 W. Main St., Marshall, $725,000.

Caroline Collomb to Michael O. and Naomi T. Silver, 11.32 acres and 0.06 acre, Brixton Lane and Old Waterloo Road, near Warrenton, $180,000.

Easton Porter Group, Dean and Lynn Andrews as managers, to Scott W. and Belinda L. Keller, 7.5 acres, 10157 John S. Mosby Highway, 2 miles west of Upperville, $760,000.

Lien T. and Earl F. Carter Jr. to Kimberly A. and Stephan A. Chadwick, 1.5 acres, Lot 44, Phase 2, Waterloo North Subdivision, 7884 Wellington Drive, near Warrenton, $998,000.

Thomas V. and Karla C. Payne to Charlet Wang and Steven Seelig, 10.7 acres, 10467 Vernon Mills Trail, near Marshall, $630,000.

William A. and Verna O.F. Stern to Pamela Dreyfuss and Larry S. Silver, 6.8 acres, Lot 2, Chattins Run South Subdivision, 3194 Corner Road, Delaplane, $1,250,000.

Christopher Inman to Patrick Rice, 0.31 acre, Lot 3, Allie Fletcher Subdivision, 7401 Filly Lane, near Warrenton, $360,000.

Catherine N. and William S. Dolly Jr. to Paul N. Taylor and Anne Kroeger, 3 acres, 3755 Sage Road, Delaplane, $410,000.

Scott District

Carl Zaslow to Bridgett Freehan and David T. Cockrell, 50. 1 acres, Lot 78, Phase 10-B, Brookside Subdivision, 6838 Lake Anne Court, near Warrenton, $692,000.

Cheree L. Nichole to Jeffrey I. and Bethany L. Kessler, 17.3 acres, 14.7 acres and 5.2 acres, 6434 Old Goose Creek Road, west of Middleburg, $3,175,000.

Lynn A. Pirozzoli to Donald M. Ralph Jr. and Julia Stathis, Lot 10, Phase 1-B, Jamison’s Farm Subdivision, 6908 Mill Valley Drive, near Warrenton, $859,999.

Laura Barrera and John S. Maurice to David J. and Cara R. Glassett, 1.07 acre, 5391 Farrington Lane, Broad Run, $525,000.

Marcus K.J. and Tara M. Brugger to Girma W. Tadesse, Lot 32, Land Bay H, Vint Hill Subdivision, 7133 Hills Lane, near New Baltimore, $750,000.

David C. and Kathleen M. Jones to Derek and Sara C. Moore, Lot 20, Phase 2, Brookside Subdivision, 6928 Tanglewood Drive, near Warrenton, $815,000.

Denise E. and Lee L. Procter to Faith and Robert M. Tarr, 5.6 acres, Lot 4, Morgan Division, 3669 Bull Run Mountain Road, near The Plains, $740,000.

Marc J. and Megan M. Eisenstein to Scott J. Semelbauer, Lot 8, Phase 12-B, Brookside Subdivision, $695,000.

Terry L. Canard to David J. and Barbara J. Hedberg, Lot 24, Section 2, South Hill Estates Subdivision, 7002 Settlers Ridge Road, near Warrenton, $400,000.

Gabriel M. and Tamara J. Wilson to Matthew R. and Laura Allen, Lot 22, Phase 1, Emerald Oaks Subdivision, 7115 Auburn Mill Road, near Warrenton, $715,000.

PP&L LLC, Gary R. Newell Sr. as member, to STN Enterprises LLC, Units G, H, I, J, K, L, M and N, Piedmont Condominiums, 6799 Kennedy Road, Vint Hill, $4,300,000.

Kenneth D. and Susan L. Mitchell to Derek W. Kelley, 1.9 acres, Lot 6, New Baltimore Knolls Subdivision, 6451 Emily Anne Court, near Warrenton, $710,000.

Charles Niland and Melissa Merrigan to Aaron P. and Kathryn E. Jones, Lot 5, Land Bay F, Section 1, Vint Hill Subdivision, 6754 Eckert Court, near New Baltimore, $724,999.

Raymond and Sharon L. Hensley to Kimberly and John R. Keller II, 6.8 acres, Lot 1, Hensley Division, 6910 Blantyre Road, near Warrenton, $1,250,000.

Sandra Vernon and Christine Farmer to Garrett C. and Samantha Hundley, Lot 14, Section 2, South Hill Estates, 7040 Panorama Court, near Warrenton, $460,000.

Deborah L. Fleming to Jeffrey A. and Carol C. Harris, 2.7 aces, 5405 Baldwin St., near Warrenton, $625,000.

Matthew L. Daye and Virginia Carroll to Maria Vasilakos and Holly A. and Alexander R. Vasilakos, Lot 27, Phase 1-B, Jamison’s Farm Subdivision, 5570 Cattail Court, near Warrenton, $699,900.

Alexander J. and Nicole A. Hill to Samantha and Franco Traverso, 0.69 acre, Lot 11-A, Block C, Rock Springs Estates Subdivision, 5071 Rock Springs Road, near Warrenton $338,400.

Randall W. and Debra L. Teune to Jay E. Teets and Donna Ruland, 10.4 acres, Lot 12, English Chase Subdivision, 8984 Woodward Road, Marshall, $784,001.

Karen D. Goula and others to Richard and Jeal LaFrance, Unit 39, Suffield Meadows Condominiums, 6690 Stream View Lane, near Warrenton, $530,000.

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