Fix NV4_Disp DLL Blue Screen Errors Of NVIDIA Graphics Driver

Fix NV4_Disp DLL Blue Screen Errors Of NVIDIA Graphics Driver

What is NV4_Disp.dll Blue Screen Error?

NV4_Disp.dll Blue Screen error is very serious issue that most of the Windows user’s face today. This error is shown typically on the blue screen and is caused when the NVIDIA graphics driver goes on infinite loop while trying to use the NV4_Disp.dll file from the system. In simple words when the NVIDIA graphic drivers does not functions properly, takes all the memory of PC and prevents the computer to operate correctly, this blue screen of error message is displayed.

How to fix NV4_Disp.dll Blue Screen Error?

Since this error message has occurred due to the infinite loop where computer continuously performs a task over and over again and does not terminates, so it might be due to some coding fault which is not coded properly or some other error which has lead it to act like this. Due to these reasons fixing this issue is really simple if proper tools or techniques are adopted. Since this issue is not been recognized officially by NVIDIA so, there is not any official fix for it. Custom patch developed by NVIDIA forums members can help in this regard which basically performs some changes in the settings and code inside the NVIDIA graphics driver on the PC and prevents the occurrence of infinite loop problem. So, just download the patch, follow the instructions and resolve the issue. Make sure that the NVIDIA driver patch should be of latest version.

Cleaning the registry and fix the problems and damage that occurred inside the registry can also help in this regard. Just use any efficient registry cleaner software which is designed to clean out the errors inside the registry database of the PC. As the registry database is a central directory where all the computer settings, files and other options are stored so, repairing it can surely help to get rid of NV4_Disp.dll blue screen error.