Do I Need to Buy Insurance for My Courier Driver?

Do I Need to Buy Insurance for My Courier Driver?

Insurance is something that you should always make sure is in order whenever you’re shipping anything with a courier company. If your goods were not properly insured, it could leave you open to a massive loss if something were to go wrong during a shipment. Usually though, a quick call should confirm that you have more than enough insurance on any given shipment. The average Chicago delivery service is going to have more than enough insurance to cover the value of anything that you’re shipping, no matter what might go wrong.

There is a type of insurance which insurance carriers provide which is specific to the courier industry, and simply called courier insurance. These are the policies which are going to protect you if your package should happen to get damaged, or if it is lost by the courier company. Courier insurance is usually quite comprehensive. There isn’t much that might happen to a package that you’re shipping that isn’t going to be covered by this type of insurance policy.

First of all, if any damage occurs to the package in shipping, the courier company’s insurance should cover the damage. This is going to include if the courier vehicle is in a traffic accident. If the courier themselves damages the package, such as by dropping it or slamming it in a vehicle door, that will usually be covered. Additional forms of damage like fire that might occur when goods are in storage are usually included in these policies as well.

Packages may occasionally get lost when you ship them with a courier company. Sometimes they get delivered to the wrong addresses, and sometimes they simply get lost, with no one quite sure what happened to them. When this happens, courier insurance will cover the value of the package. Theft is another thing which is insured against.

Ultimately, the responsibility of buying insurance for a courier driver should not sit with the client of the courier company. Depending on the business model that is being used by your courier, this should be the responsibility of either the courier company, or the individual courier driver. That might be the case, for instance, if the courier company subcontracts drivers rather than using employee drivers. Even though it should be their responsibility though, it is still wise to always ask both if insurance is present, and if it is, up to what value your goods will be insured.