Clarksville Fire Rescue tears down old maintenance garage, opens new, larger one

CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – Clarksville Fire Rescue held a ribbon cutting along with a

CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – Clarksville Fire Rescue held a ribbon cutting along with a fire hose uncoupling at a ceremony to dedicate their new maintenance garage on Wednesday, July 7.

The new 4,800-square-foot facility at 802 Main St., next to the main fire station, features three climate-controlled bays and a maintenance pit for vehicle inspection and maintenance.

The new garage replaces an outdated 2,400-square-foot metal building from the 1950s that was neither climate-controlled nor equipped to handle CFR’s current maintenance load. In fact, CFR had one newer firetruck that wouldn’t even fit inside the old building.

Clarksville Fire Chief Freddie Montgomery talked about the importance of the new facility. “This means the world to Clarksville Fire Rescue, and helps with our level of readiness, and helps get our trucks back out on the road. For our citizens, it keeps us able to respond which is just priceless for the community,” Montgomery said.

After the cutting of the red ribbon by CFR Assistant Chief of Maintenance Bobby Nall, firefighters and retirees brought out a red fire hose to be uncoupled, which signifies another form of a ribbon cutting for the firefighters’ new building.

Mayor Joe Pitts spoke at the event and had the honor of operating the track hoe that took the first swipe at bringing down the Quonset hut that was the old maintenance facility.

The mayor praised Clarksville Fire Rescue and the maintenance department for their service working under adverse conditions in the old building and said when he became mayor in 2019, he knew the Quonset hut had to be replaced.

“It was an embarrassment to our city to have our maintenance division working out in the elements to keep our equipment going. So we made it a priority, and it’s so good to be here today to see that come to fruition,” Pitts said.