Can One Stay Married to a Truck Driver?

Can One Stay Married to a Truck Driver?

A true test of one’s marriage takes place when one partner decides to become a truck driver. The many days of separation can truly feel unbearable and hard to endure for even the strongest marriages. Most truck drivers, especially those that take long-haul routes, are continuously away from their homes. This can mean many weeks or even months hauling freight, which may also include missed significant family occasions and birthdays. Those with families can find this very frustrating as you stand the possibility of missing some of the most unique moments of life, such as watching your kids grow up.

If you are a bona fide trucker, there are several things you can do to help your spouse adjust to your new life away from home. This can help cut down the amount of divorces that result out of the emotional drainage that comes from trying to satisfy both your career and family life.

It takes two strong individuals to truly make this work. While there are plenty of things you can do to feel some of the comforts of home during your trip, such as the use of sleeper cabs and microwave ovens, your spouse will have to do a little more “soul-searching” to do the same. It’s important to present the following tips below to your spouse as soon as you can, as they can learn to feel a strong emotional bond with you even while you’re away on the road.

Tips To Help Your Spouse Adjust To Your Trucking Lifestyle

First off, it’s easy for the spouse to feel left out and that’s why it’s very important that they develop strong hobbies and interests to fill in the gap. Some spouses feel that they have to put their lives on hold while their trucker husband is away, this is not a good solution. It’ll only make them feel dull and clingy. Instead it is important to use this time to develop a new talent that the spouse has always wanted to develop and put in energy into becoming strong and independent. This will greatly impress the husband when he returns home, since a powerful, independent woman is a great turn-on!

It is also very important for the spouse to stay as busy as possible, to avoid negative thoughts from entering the head. Time passes by much faster when one is busy. For example, you can take this time to learn about the trucking lifestyle, or get a road map to study the exact routes your husband will be taking. By becoming a part of his lifestyle, the spouse will gain better respect for what he is doing, leading to a stronger marriage in the end.

Finally, always organize something special that you can both do together upon your return, such as a special meal or movie out. This will allow both of you to have something special to look forward to.