Bucket Truck Hybrid Sales Are on the Rise!

Bucket Truck Hybrid Sales Are on the Rise!

Every company’s desire is to be on the top of technological advancements in the equipment and vehicles that they use so that they can increase efficiency and better cope with a highly demanding market. For anyone who is in the process of looking for the best bucket truck sale, then be sure to consider hybrid bucket trucks as this may be the best choice to make!

A hybrid bucket truck differs from the normal version because of the enhancements to its power source. It has a combination of the conventional engine propulsion system and electric propulsion system. The added electric propulsion system is another technological advancement that greatly contributes to bettering the vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.


For any company that is considering a move from the conventional bucket truck to some hybrid version, before heading out to find a bucket truck sale location, it is important to be sure to know about the features that exist on this vehicle. Confirm with any dealer that these features are on the vehicle before considering purchase of that one.

  • Good Hybrid Truck Engine – Make sure that the hybrid bucket truck is from a leading and reputable manufacturer with a good electric propulsion system for its engine. This vehicle can offer major fuel savings of up to sixty percent on its overall operational usage. The usage of this vehicle also significantly lowers the harmful emissions normally received from conventional engines.
  • Boom Lift– Some states with idle laws allow the boom lift to be operated by its electric propulsion system. This significantly reduces the noise level since the diesel engine is not running during operation of the boom lift.
  • Battery– Be sure that the truck is equipped with a quality on-board battery. This battery should be charged by both the diesel engine and the power generator of the engine. These batteries have a self-operating system which turns on the regular engine when the battery’s power has run down to a certain level so that it can recharge. It also turns off by itself once the charging is completed and the power level has returned to an acceptable level.

Employee Benefits

Below are some advantages of using a hybrid bucket truck from the employee’s viewpoint:

  • Noise Reduction– With less noise, operators can readily communicate with other crew members while working, thus creating a safer work environment.
  • Emissions Lowered– A significant reduction of emissions from the hybrid bucket truck benefits the safety and health of employees since they will not be inhaling the vehicle’s exhaust fumes while working. It also lowers the carbon footprint to the environment.
  • No Boom Failure– Operators can now complete any aerial tasks without being concerned about boom failure due to power outage while operating the lift.
  • Powers Other Tools– The stored electric energy system can act as a power generator and provide an electrical source for other power tools which is a big help to the operator in finishing their aerial tasks that use power tools.

No company should fall behind in learning about the new technology and great benefits that the hybrid bucket trucks currently offer. This knowledge will allow companies to know what questions to ask of a dealer when looking for the next great hybrid bucket truck sale!